Matthew Sage, Architect AIA, LEED AP
Never Met a Spreadsheet He Didn't Like • Aspiring Genealogist • Loves Peanut M&M's, Italian Food and Running 5K Races
Emily August, Sr. Design Coordinator
Bloody Mary Maven • Pool Shark in Training • Loves Twinkle Lights, Postcards, and can be spotted regularly at Trader Joes
Kristine Svedberg, Designer, LEED GA
Hot Sauce Specialist • Beagle Mom • Loves Summertime, Cheeseburgers and Denim Skirts
Alyssa Perna, Designer
Cannoli Connoisseur • Aspiring Jeopardy Competitor • Loves Art Museums, Dry Humor and Food Network
Marissa Scott, Jr. Designer
Cheese Tray Aficionado • Movie Buff • Loves All Things Sweet and Hiking (off) Cheese Trays with her Belgian Malinois
Lisa Lannin, Design Assistant
Chic Family Chauffeur • Purveyor of Useless Knowledge • Loves Cooking, Baking, and Eating
Nadine Laszlo, Office Manager
Chardonnay Aficionado • Reluctant Soccer Mom • Loves Romantic Movies, Shopping, and Can Navigate Anywhere Without A GPS
Birdie, Welcoming Committee
Top Notch Napper • Crumb Chaser • Loves Squirrels, Belly Rubs, and Zoomies Around The Office
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