Our Team

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

                                                                                              - Coco Chanel

Dedicated Swim Meet Spectator • German Bred, Saskatchewan Born • Loves Hand Sanitizer, '80s Music, and True Crime Podcasts
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Monika serves as Director of Project Management at P3DC. Over the past two decades Monika has focused on project & business management, space planning, quality control and leads the charge in insuring that are clients receive the most thorough documentation. In addition, Monika has become a strong mentor to both the P3 design team and for design students at local universities.

Hospitality Geek • Regularly Beats Shazam • Loves Old Barns, All The Colors & Carbs
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With more than two decades of experience in hospitality design, Paula serves as the Creative Director of P3DC. Whether she is working directly with clients, contractors, or other members of the team, Paula brings an energy that elevates the objective and facilitates accomplishment. She encourages her team to not only think outside of the box, but to create mindful design where attention to detail is honored.

Never Met a Spreadsheet He Didn't Like • Aspiring Genealogist • Loves Peanut M&M's, Italian Food and Running 5K Races
Bloody Mary Maven • Pool Shark in Training • Loves Twinkle Lights, Postcards, and can be spotted regularly at Trader Joes
Hot Sauce Specialist • Beagle Mom • Loves Summertime, Cheeseburgers and Denim Skirts
Cannoli Connoisseur • Aspiring Jeopardy Competitor • Loves Art Museums, Dry Humor and Food Network
Cheese Tray Aficionado • Movie Buff • Loves All Things Sweet and Hiking (off) Cheese Trays with her Belgian Malinois
Chic Family Chauffeur • Purveyor of Useless Knowledge • Loves Cooking, Baking, and Eating
Chardonnay Aficionado • Reluctant Soccer Mom • Loves Romantic Movies, Shopping, and Can Navigate Anywhere Without A GPS
Top Notch Napper • Crumb Chaser • Loves Squirrels, Belly Rubs, and Zoomies Around The Office
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